Experience Perth Whale Watching

A privilege to experience Perth whale watching at its finest today with extraordinary surface activity from large adult Humpback Whales who launched 45 tonnes into the atmosphere in spectacular fashion! Our first pod of mother, calf and male escort were travelling towards a pod of two sub adults who were pec slapping and breaching to encourage their approach. Upon their arrival the enormous male escort launched into a full bodied breach and quickly followed with a powerful head lunge to establish his dominance towards the sub adults. They joined together for a short while and all together were joining in with pectoral fin slapping and breaching as they enjoyed a social interaction.

The escort pod continued in the opposite direction as the subadults moved towards a third pod up ahead, breaching and pec slapping as they went. One of the subadults was even having a cheeky look at us every time she breached as her beautiful eye could be seen looking back towards us. Further surface activity could be sighted all around with breaching creating a colourful display of white water splashes along the horizon as The Language of the Whales™ was in full swing. Meeting a further two pods and playful Bottlenose Dolphins we were just about to head back towards the port of Fremantle after a brilliant experience Perth whale watching when our familiar mother, calf and escort pod surfaced alongside. The energetic male escort was really flirting with the female with showy fluke slaps, tail lobs and even pectoral slapping as he showed off his big white belt to the female. She seemed more focused on her calf though and her little one was having an absolute ball as he repeated each of the males behaviours, even inverted tail slapping which was very talented indeed!

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