Eye to Eye with a Humpback Whale

We were eye to eye with a Humpback Whale today as a gorgeous calf breached just off our bow bringing her eyes above water level and wide open looking back at us! A brilliant moment to enjoy as this young calf and her curiosity created an environment full of energy and excitement. Breaching, pec slapping and a cheeky peduncle slap as she approached to display her dominance towards us as we sat perfectly still and watched her little rostrum skimming the surface as she swam directly at us. A quick round out dive and she disappeared below for a few moments as we kept an eye all around. Whoosh, her exhalation erupted just to our port side and she seemed pleased with her control of everyone on the boat as we excitedly watched her every move and enjoyed every moment we were eye to eye with a Humpback Whale calf. Following her around in circles onboard we watched as she dived underneath us and popped up on the other side enjoying her game of hide and seek while mums silhouette soon appeared and we watched as it grew stronger.

A beautiful female surfaced and we met mum for the first time as she also curiously approached us after having spent the last fifteen minutes sitting directly below. Her beautiful skin, large size and beauty was just wonderful to be next to as we watched a mother Humpback Whale in her absolute prime. Just like humans, every female will reach a peak in their reproductive lives and this female was at that peak with a healthy calf and herself having a healthy, strong body as she enjoyed the beautiful day. Numerous mothers and calves were also resting close by and the calm conditions allowed for the calves to frolic in the shallows next to their mums while listening in to the other pods surrounding them. The local Bottlenose Dolphins stopped by for a quick hello and we watched as the impressive Australian Navy submarine cruised past on our way back into port as we waved back to our Diggers.

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