Fabulous Friday!

A beautiful Friday morning greeted us today with warm sunshine and calm conditions. Mother Of Pearl was very happy to see us and decided to arch that beautiful back of hers again given us such a fantastic view of her and an appreciation for just how big she is! Pearl is looking fantastic growing in size and strength every day and is definitely moving in the right direction to be ready for her very first trip to Antarctica with mum.

Very quiet Humpback activity out on Flinders Bay with most of these busy whales already made their way to the breeding/calving grounds in the Kimberley’s. Very soon we will start to see many of the Humpback population returning back south along our coastlines to also make their return back to the Antarctic feeding grounds for the summer season☀️

ID Log
Date – 12.8.16
Species – Southern Right
Lat – Undisclosed Long – Undisclosed (Nursery Status)
Notes – Mother and calf pod