Familiar Faces in the Perth Humpback Crowd

Guess who we met again today? The same superstar mum from yesterday and her gorgeous calf who raced towards us for a big greeting and it was almost as if we could hear her saying, “How you doing?”. She was instantly recognisable by the large healing scar that was located along the top edge of her dorsal fin and of course her calf has a big greyish belly that extends up her sides making her a rather beautiful individual and easy to spot amongst the other calves currently resting in the area❤

After strolling over to come in for another nice close look and meet some new human friends she stayed close to us while a large ship travelled past in the nearby shipping lane. Once the all clear was given she continued cruising towards a two other mother and calf pods located just up ahead and one particular pod caught her attention as she stayed attentively at the surface listening in to a few powerful peduncle slaps from the pod further away.