Familiar Juvenile

That moment you look at someone and know you have seen them before? Well we experienced that very feeling on our morning tour as a familiar juvenile Humpback looked strikingly similar to the little one we met yesterday! Today something was different though… he had a friend.

Often juveniles will form a friendship with another juvenile of a similar age but these pods don’t usually last very long as each whale goes on their separate way, but it is always nice to see the next generation of Humpbacks creating friends and socialising! Also today we had many larger Humpbacks in pods about the bay but not a lot of communication amongst theses pods.

Five beautiful big Indian Yellow-Nosed Albatross circled our boat and one cheeky Antarctic Skua was also checking everyone out on the bow. This evening we had a mother and calf dolphin visit the Augusta Boat Harbour much to our surprise as it was too dark to see them and they gave us a big shock surfacing right next to us on the jetty! Whoosh and they were off chasing the local fish around the marina before coming back over to check us out again… fingers crossed they continue their late night snacking habits.

ID Log
Date – 17.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21 . 99 Long – 115 . 11 . 47
Notes – Juvenile Humpback, slight divot on upper right flank/dorsal