Fat Humpback Whales

There is nothing wrong with calling a Humpback Whale fat… it is actually a complement! After spending all summer long feeding on nutrient rich Antarctic Krill our Western Australian Humpback are certainly showing the affects of a summer holiday weight gain. Fat Humpback Whales means healthy Humpback Whales and during their epic migration which will take up to six months to complete they will need every little bit of those energy reserves. Our first encounter this morning was with a mother Humpback Whale and her young calf who came racing over towards us. Zooming across our bow they continued in a hurry past the Augusta Boat Harbour and over to the other side if Flinders Bay. The female looked healthy and as her little calf bobbed up alongside mum he began to wiggle about, seeming ready for a feed and once mum reached her preferred part of the bay they both settled. Leaving the beautiful young calf to enjoy his breakfast it wasn’t long before we were enjoying the company of two curious adult Humpbacks.

Swimming underneath our bow and having a very good look at everyone onboard, we watched as their enormous bodies moved under our feet. The afternoon was peaceful as escort pods cruised through Flinders Bay with a quick breach just up in front creating a bit of a splash. Surprise visitors arrived and we were once again surrounded by our very friendly Common Dolphins who zoomed all around the bow, enjoying some social time. Beautiful markings glowed through the Southern Ocean and it is very peaceful to “surf” along with these agile cetaceans. Certainly leaner than our more roundish Humpbacks, but having access to food everyday means you can be on the slimmer side in the cetacean world! Our Humpback population is definitely embracing their winter curves but they will have to enjoy them while they last… soon the migration will cause that beautiful roundness to fade.

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