Fathers Day Whale Watch in Fremantle

A very happy Fathers Day to all of the dads around the world and our Western Australian Humpback Whales certainly knew it was an important day for the humans today and decided to share the love with an incredible interaction which lasted over 90 minutes and had everyone onboard feeling like they were in a big Humpback embrace. Two young male Humpbacks came so close everyone onboard was at some point covered in whale kisses and we could even see the whale lice hanging out with the barnacles on their rostrum.

This amazing interaction was very special for all of our guests onboard, not only because of Fathers Day but to be so close and spend time with these wild Humpback Whales left us all in awe. They danced around the vessel, spy hopping to get a better view and showing off their big white bellies before rolling to the side and having a really good look at every onboard. To look into the eyes of a Humpback Whale is a moment in life that will never be forgotten and we were very grateful for that opportunity today thanks to these two magnificent new friends of ours.

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