Fathers Day Whale Watching

Fathers Day Whale Watching on a perfect day to be out on the Indian Ocean as a curious Humpback mother and calf along with Bottlenose Dolphins relaxed in the sunshine. Departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour we made our way out to the sighting grounds and were very interested to see if the Humpback mother and calf we met yesterday had stayed over night in the resting grounds. Sure enough there they were as anticipated in the same area that we said goodbye to them in yesterday. It is normal for mother and calves to remain within the sighting grounds for one to seven days depending on each pod and how much rest that they need. It has been a real joy getting to know this little Humpback Whale family as the mother whale is very easy going and almost as curious as her calf. The little one looked to have had a morning feed and was in a playful mood rolling around on the surface cheekily. 

Approaching us just as they did yesterday both mother and calf came in for another incredible interaction. The little one investigated all around us swimming underneath before moving to our bow and then our stern for another look. The mother whale was just as interested as her enormous body surfaced right alongside us as she gracefully lifted her fluke. It was a fantastic moment as we were able to collect photo identification images of both mother and calf to add to our catalogue. A few powerful tail lobs and fluke slaps were completed by the mother whale as the ferry moved past and it was interesting to observe her complete this same behaviour as she did yesterday towards the same vessel. Whales often respond to movement of ferries, ships and other vessels moving through the resting grounds with surface activity as a means of communication. The afternoon was perfectly calm as the Bottlenose Dolphins were preparing for the evenings foraging as the enjoyed some social time around the Whale Watch 1 enthusiastically chasing after one another before coming in to say hello. The coming days will be interesting to see if the flow of Humpback Whales heading south increases as fewer pods have been sighted over the last two days which seems to be pods delaying their journey south. Often due to water temperature while whales patiently waiting for just the right time to head south and once they start moving in big numbers the Humpback freeway will be seeing peak hour traffic.

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