Fathers Day Whale Watching

Fathers Day Whale Watching on a picture perfect morning off Rottnest Island as we enjoyed our time with a bachelor pod of four males to celebrate this special day. A calm sea and sunshine greeted us on our arrival in the sighting grounds as Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say their good mornings as they raced through the waves. Multiple pods were all around and the dolphins seemed to enjoy approaching one young whale in particular who was a juvenile just hanging around on the outskirts of the other pods seeming to be on the lookout for the most suitable pod to join.

A pod of three whales approached the area and with the boisterous energy and steady migratory pace it appeared we had three bachelor males heading south. The other pods gave plenty of room to these three except for the juvenile who seemed very curious. A big tail lob from one of the older males was a warning to the youngster that this was the big boys pod and he seemed to respectfully approach and join the back of the group. All four whales were now swimming as one in the beautiful waters off Rottnest and we enjoyed travelling along with them. A wonderful day to celebrate Fathers Day 2021 with the all dads onboard and the wonderful whales of WA.

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