First Competition Pod

We sighted our first competition pod for the season today as eight whales pushed and jostled for the position of top whale and the hopes of impressing the young female… unfortunately many of these whales were just juvenile males and the female seemed to quietly leave the group who were a little carried away and didn’t notice that she had left until it was too late! Fantastic to see the next generation of male Humpbacks practicing and perfecting the skills they will need to one day impress the very choosy females.

A rare sighting also today of a male Sea Lion interacting with a female Humpback and her yearling calf which caught everyone by surprise! Skating across the surface the young whale looked a little awkward and something wasn’t right until we noticed the Sea Lion pop up right next to him, the Humpback was trying to move like the Sea Lion. Bottlenose Dolphins were also sighted today moving past close to the Humpbacks and checking out what was going on in their neighbourhood and with the competition pod and many whales sighted in the bay it is a very exciting time in Flinders Bay.


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