First Humpback Mothers and Calves

First Humpback mothers and calves for the southern migration were sighted today much to our surprise! Generally our first sightings are from early October onwards but today we were in for a special encounter as not just one, but two mother and calf pods were sighted. Our first inkling of a possible calf sighting was a tiny little rostrum breaking the waters surface as the enormous size of mum also popped up alongside. A very exciting moment as the sweet little Humpback calves were excited and curious towards everything happening in their surroundings.

Our first mother and calf gently approached to investigate us and once mum was happy she then allowed her little one to have a wiggle on the surface. Twisting and turning to get a better view of us, it was lovely to watch this playful young calf. Moving up to the second pod we noticed that this little one was very different, a big white belly extending up the flanks meant it was like watching a small iceberg lurking bellow the surface! He was a real character and would approach the bow for a quick look before moving over to collect little bits of seaweed floating on the surface. Exciting day to meet our first Humpback mothers and calves of the southern migration as a beautiful old Pearl Lugger made its way to Rottnest Island bringing back family memories.

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