First Southern Right, Breaching & Leeuwi

We are super excited! Our very first Southern Right whale was sighted yesterday and what made this sighting even more special is that this whale had a newborn calf with her. A very special moment for everyone aboard to share the excitement of sighting the first Southern Right Whales for our 2016 Season!

Yesterday afternoon we also had a spectacular breaching performance from not just one but two Humpbacks! The first whale we met on our afternoon tour was a young juvenile who breached next to us, showed off a couple of his powerful peduncle slaps and continued to interact with us for another 5-10 minutes rolling and fluke swiping at the surface. Soon after leaving our new friend we met a much bigger Humpback who continually breached over 10 times and with the stormy skies highlighting all of her features and that big white belly it was absolutely marvellous to watch.

Today was much quieter out on Flinders Bay but much to our excitement we once again sighted our darling Leeuwi and his mom! Safely tucked in close to the Blackwood river mouth he was spending his morning feeding and moving towards a safer and calmer part of the bay in anticipation of the big weather front we are expecting this weekend. We certainly have fallen head of heels in love with our little Leeuwi and happy to report he is looking bigger every time we see him and his dorsal fin is now officially straight!

ID Log
Date – 7.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 20. 71 Long – 115 . 13 . 60
Notes – Pregnant female (ID Individual) with male escort