First Southern Right Whale in Augusta

The first Southern Right Whale in Augusta for season 2019 was sighted today much to everyones great excitement and surprise! The first Southern Right Whale in Augusta is usually not sighted until at least late June and regular numbers start arriving by mid July onwards. Keeping that in mind you can see why we were thrilled today to sight this lovely individual so very early in the season, winter hasn’t even officially started as yet! Looking very relaxed and in typical Southern Right Whale style this individual checked us out and it was wonderful to watch that jet black skin contrasting with the yellow tones on the distinctive callosities, they are a very beautiful whale and unmistakable in appearance. The Gannets, Terns, Albatross and even Silver Gulls all joined in on the continued baitfish feast as the food festival continued for them all and the local Bottlenose Dolphins made sure they did miss out. Sighted on both our morning and afternoon tours, the local Dolphins came over to say hello and continue filling their bellies with delicious fresh seafood. They also took note of the arrival of Mr Southern Right Whale as they swam over to welcome him to Flinders Bay and most likely filled him in on everything that has happened since his last visit! The Humpbacks Whales were elusive today, surprising for this time of year and the consistency of sightings in previous days but it is a migration which will see ebbs and flows. Looking forward to seeing who we meet tomorrow and hopefully our wonderful Right Whale will stick around for a few more days, a special surprise for the beginning of winter whale watching.

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