Augusta’s First Southern Right Whale | Season 2018

The first Southern Right Whale sighting for season 2018 was excitedly spotted this afternoon and the arrival of these superstar whales had the whole town talking and a small crowd gathering at the Augusta Boat Harbour to see this beautiful whale and celebrate her arrival. She is the first of many who will begin to arrive over the next few weeks and find a perfect place in Flinders Bay to raise their newborn calves. We are so excited to meet this lovely female who was incredibly close to the Augusta Boat Harbour and was certainly investigating her surroundings.

The Augusta Boat Harbour was only completed a few years ago and has changed the landscape that the local visiting Southern Right Whales would know, however this female looks very pleased with the boat harbour and was enjoying her afternoon frolicking incredibly close. The natural sound created by swell crashing onto the rocks of the harbour will create a fantastically noisy environment which is perfect for her and soon to be born calf to disappear into the sound footprint of the Augusta Boat Harbour. We are looking forward to the next couple of months seeing further Southern Right Whale arrivals and are very excited to have met our first for season 2018, we have missed them very much over the last year!