Flinders Bay Whale Nursery Grounds

Flinders Bay Whale nursery grounds are a very important part of the migration for the Humpback and Southern Right Whales of Western Australia. Today we had a wonderful opportunity to meet both a brand new Humpback calf and a tiny Southern Right Whale calf in the Flinders Bay whale nursery grounds. Our first interaction was with a pale grey Humpback calf who may have been tiny but had a very vibrant attitude. The little one noticed our approach and began to tail slap over and over right alongside mum who was keeping a watchful eye on her calf. Practicing the Language of the Whales™️ is important for the development of these calves and the protection of Flinders Bay allows a safe location for this beautiful calf to grow in strength and coordination.

Further adult Humpback Whales were breaching and tail lobbing as the winds ruffled the waters surface and they continued to communicate with each other on the journey north. Fewer whales are now on the Humpback Highway which is causing the remaining individuals to call out with surface activity to see who else is around. The coastline was sheltered as we made our way towards the Southern Right Whale nursery grounds and although a quieter calving season then previous years there are still a handful of mothers and calves enjoying the protection of the bay. Tiny, sleepy and curious was the little Southern Right calf who looked over our way as mum watched on in the shallows. It is the perfect location for these species to nurture the next generation as the claves thrive in the sheltered waters found close to the shoreline in pristine and peaceful waters.

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