Flinders Bay Whale Watching

Morning Tour

Flinders Bay Whale Watching was astounding today as we found ourselves surrounded by Humpback Whales and the energy was active. Our morning was set to be a busy one as a commotion had begun amongst a few whales and we could see a competition pod had started to form. A total of eight whales were racing through the bay and navigating towards the reef line as the chase was on as the female led the way. The boys pushed and shoved as they tried to out manoeuvre each other and make their way to pole position right alongside the female.

All of this activity caused a pod a bit further away to launch into full body head lunging as they defensively communicated to the other bachelor males not to come any closer. Our final pod was social with three happy whales twisting and rolling around each other before coming over our way for a closer look. Their higher energy levels caused a fourth whale right on stern to head lunge and land with an all mighty crash before joining with the pod of three. The morning also had a surprise with a brand new Humpback calf being sighted swimming alongside mum and a male escort as they tried to keep a low profile and find a peaceful spot in Flinders Bay.

Afternoon Tour

The sun and calm sea awaited us on a beautiful afternoon and moments after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour multiple blows just ahead were sighted. Arriving and looking carefully we could see six whales socialising with the local Bottlenose Dolphins also joining in on the fun. Relaxed, social and curious we found ourselves being approached by the Humpback Whales and Dolphins all at once as they excitedly swam straight over to the Whale Watch 1 for a closer look. It was extraordinary to be so close to such curious, wild whales and hear the extremely powerful exhalations as all this excitement was causing much trumpeting amongst these bachelor males.

The dolphins were also having a blast as they zoomed around the Humpbacks before racing back over to us for some bow riding. The social interaction and impressive upside down fluke stands continued for over an hour before the boys eventually started to seperate and make their way into different parts of the bay. It was almost time to head home but a commotion just ahead caught out attention and as we arrived we were fortunate to be able to observe powerful double breaching and pec slapping echo out through the bay from these two impressive adult whales. A very special day to be enjoying some Flinders Bay Whale Watching and fantastic to see so many spectacular pods and behaviours.

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