Flying Fish

The local Bottlenose Dolphins were making some flying fish very nervous and they certainly caught our eye as they flew millimetres away from the waters surface skimming along, desperately trying to confuse the highly intelligent Bottlenose. A mother and calf Humpback kept a close eye on these proceedings from afar and enjoyed some relax time in the very calm and peaceful environment. With only other cow/calf pods around and no male escorts it was a very relaxed environment as the young calves fed and rested.

When there are more male Humpbacks around the energy levels are very different and often we see a lot of surface activity and communication amongst the pods. Females and their calves tend to prefer keeping a low profile so as not to encourage easy detection from nearby predators or rowdy male Humpbacks! All the females and calves met so far this season have been looking in very good health which is fantastic news and it is always so much fun to meet and spend time with the next generation of West Australian Humpbacks.

ID Log
Date – 12.11.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – Undisclosed Long – Undisclosed
Notes – Mother and calf with slightly more white along flanks