Follow The Leader

Follow the leader it was today as the orca feasted on squid and four seperate family pods made the most of the good hunting opportunities. Shortly after arriving in The Patch a cloud of Shearwaters frantically circled and plummeted into the ocean below, the Orca were in town. Tall blows formed amongst the birds as Orca twisted and turned amongst the oil slick as a fresh kill had just been made. The scent was fishy and looking at a large chunk of flesh being carried past we could see that it most certainly was squid they were feasting on. The family took their share and separated which left us with Wobbles, cubs and cubby sharing a meal together in the morning sunshine. The calves were excited and so pleased with the meal they were enjoying as they feasted and feasted for over an hour.

Racing over to us and showing off their meal it provided the perfect time to observe this special feeding behaviour. Grace launched her drone and took the opportunity to document how mother and calf were sharing their food and it was amazing to watch as they would share their meal together and as a small scrap floated free the birds hurtled towards it. Further family pods moved into the area as more oil slicks were sighted after plenty of time foraging a reward for the Orca was wonderful to see. A final large oil slick formed and it was beautiful to watch Shredder and her new calf Samurai feeding together. Shredder is really enjoying her time as a mum, every interaction we have observed so far this season the two are inseparable and it always seems to be playtime! Shredder was welcoming and curious as she swam around and underneath us as adorable Samurai followed mums every move.

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