Follow the Leader

This morning we met a pod of 4 gorgeous Humpbacks who were right in the middle of a game of Follow the Leader. When female Humpbacks want to decide who is the strongest and best mate she has a few tricks up her sleeve to help in her decision. One of these is leading the boys on a bit of a chase to keep them moving and we were fortunate enough to tag along!

The males kept up with her as she travelled 4 nautical mile into the bay not stopping for a moment and the boys were definitely following the leader and trying their best to impress her. A lot of pec and tail swiping at one another and even a few tail slaps were sighted along the way before they finally slowed down not far from the Augusta Boat harbour.

A beautiful rainbow arrived and always a very special moment to see our beautiful Humpbacks in one of the most pristine and beautiful environments in the world, a magic day in Flinders Bay!

ID Log
Date – 19.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 20. 71 Long – 115 . 15 . 40
Notes –  Unique black “lace” pattern along edge of fluke