Franklin’s Humpback Whales

Franklin’s Humpback Whales delighted everyone on board today, very much like our youngest ever guest in the Captain’s Lounge. Today’s post is for young Franklin and like the new 2020 Humpback calves we encountered with their Mother’s today so Franklin and his Mum and Dad enjoyed watching their happy son as he watched his namesakes.

The Humpback Mother’s will travel from Antarctica all the way to Camden Sound in the Kimberly’s where they will give birth, nourish and feed the calf all the way back Antarctica, all without eating! The responsibilities and the protection the Mother offers, along with an occasional escort, is a window into the daily lives of the Humpback Whales at this time of year.

Our first Mother and Calf were very relaxed and confident and it was obvious this was not Mum’s first calf. They sat with us for some time and then a tanker, ferry and pilot boat approached which increased noise levels and the young calf threw in a couple of decent tail lob’s and then, as if practicing, went slowly through the motions without the resultant surface action.

Our second Mother and calf were only small and probably a first for both Mum and calf so we kept our distance and only spent a couple of minutes with them before heading back into Fremantle Harbour. It is always a pleasure to watch our whales this time of year with thoughts of what life holds for them as they move forward, the same applies with our little human calf, Franklin, what does the future hold for him? We pray only the very best for such a happy young boy… Thanks for coming onboard Franklin, hope to see you again.

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