Fremantle Humpback Whales

Fremantle Humpback Whales arrived today as we met two incredible Humpbacks who spent over an hour breaching, pec slapping and investigating our vessel. One of these Humpbacks was a very special whale who showed that even when you may not look exactly the same as the other whales, it doesn’t stop you from being incredible! Half of this Humpback Whales pectoral fin was missing, it happened a long time ago or perhaps he was born this way. Our hearts skipped a beat when we first sighted this pectoral, Gary Robinson is a whale we sighted in 2017 and again in 2018 with a very similar pectoral. Double checking our catalogue we can confirm that this whale is in fact a different individual, a special Humpback Whale who is going to need a special name!

The day started off with an escort pod who swam closely alongside us, they recognised the approach of the pod behind and didn’t want them coming anywhere near them. An enormous tail lob right next to our bow indicated that exact message and as they swam underneath us and continued moving out to the right, the pod behind us returned the conversation. The next hour sighted some of the most incredible surface activity as The Language of the Whales was in full display. These two beautiful whales worked together as a team to create much noise and it wasn’t long before we had joined the pod. Our special Humpback was extraordinarily curious and began to pec slap his way towards us, showing off the distinctive difference of both pectorals. Pec slapping so close to us we were sprayed with ocean as tonnes of weight hit the surface. Fremantle Humpback Whales are now arriving and todays extraordinary experience will be treasured forever, a special new whale to add to our catalogue and we hope to meet again in the near future.

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