Fremantle Kindergarten for Humpback Whales

School was in as four mother and calf pods all converged together to create a big kindergarten pod of eight Humpback Whales today. They were practicing peduncle slaps, tail slaps and pec slaps as the females watched over their playful calves. What was very interesting to watch was one of the female Humpbacks hid in our sound footprint as she made her approach towards the large pod and this fantastic skill to have may prove very important in her young calves life in future years.

Humpback Whales learn from a young age how to use their environment to their advantage and sound plays such an important part of every moment of their life. Should you be too noisy predators will find you easily, but young calves need to practice noisy surface behaviour and what better way to do this when you have a few other big protective mums around. Sharks and Orca are very smart and know that when up against four large female Humpbacks their odds are certainly not great!

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