Fremantle Whale Close Encounters

Fremantle Whale close encounters were had this morning as we peacefully floated on glassy, turquoise Indian Ocean and three beautiful Humpback Whales glided around us and under our feet. The morning began with two yearlings who were both showing very different characters even though they were swimming together in the same pod. One was outgoing and rather confident, while the second tried to stay on the periphery to increase his reactionary distance. They swam together playfully, gently twisting and rolling at the surface as they placed the game of who had the best flexibility! Just ahead though two larger sub-adults were swimming straight towards us and it soon captured the attention of the yearlings. 

The outgoing yearling raced forward to meet the sub adults first and as this unfolded the more reserved little one came swimming over to us in search of a sound footprint to disappear into. It worked and he quietly swam along with us as the two sub-adults approached confidently. Watching on, it was beautiful to observe as the older whales encouraged him out from underneath our boat to join them and it wasn’t long before all three were swimming along happily. Getting to know each other took a little while and then all attention turned towards us as they created a remarkable Fremantle whale close encounter to complete a beautiful morning. The yearling was most curious and seemed fascinated as he moved his body to get a better view of everyone staring adoringly back at this beautiful little whale and his gentle character. 

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