Fremantle Whale Tours

Fremantle Whale Tours during September to November enjoy meeting thousands of Humpback Whales migrating south as today we were amongst the mums and calves. Our second warm, humid day in a row and it was a beautiful change after a long and cold winter with everyone soaking up the sunshine. The whales were also enjoying the day as the pods spread out and enjoyed their time in the resting grounds. One of the calves was breaching and excitable as the little one scooped up seaweed and rolled about at the surface, a wonderful time to be a Humpback calf! The little one continued to play and we could see mother whale patiently waiting for the excitement levels to ease so they could return back to resting mode again. A mother, calf and male escort were also making their way through the resting grounds and it was great to still see a bachelor male around with fewer adult males expected to be observed in the weeks ahead.

The winds were still warm and mild with the oceans surface glowing with the reflecting sun and it felt unique today, almost a desert oasis amongst the heatwave. The mothers and calves were relaxing in big numbers as we had a total of five pods gathering together. It was special to be welcomed into the afternoon creche and watch on as each pod found their preferred spot amongst the others. The calves were each very curious and approached for a closer look o investigate the Steep Point and everyone onboard. Two of the mums and calves joined briefly and swam together for a short time before increasing their reactionary distance and finding the perfect spot to settle in for the night ahead. It is always a good feeling to know they have each others company and there is always safety in numbers when sharing the resting grounds with others. Fremantle whale tours are best enjoined in October if you are hoping to meet mother and calf Humpback Whales as we see the peak of their southbound migration.

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