Fremantle Whale Watch

Fremantle Whale Watch today was absolutely incredible as six Humpback Whales completely surrounded our vessel as we Joined The Pod™ and were overwhelmed by the lifetime experience we had. The morning began with perfect conditions as a glassy Indian Ocean peeled away under our feet as we approached the sighting grounds. Two Humpbacks surfaced to our port side and as we joined with them and built a trust they ventured towards the waters near Rottnest Island. A busy weekend meant it was tricky navigating safely and the two gentle Humpbacks decided swimming close to us and using our sound footprint was the best option. They swam directly underneath our bow and we watched as they quickly changed direction and moved back the other way, only 100 meters to our port was four big adults moving straight towards us. Watching carefully to see how everything would unfold it didn’t take long before excited sounds could be heard, the big adults were surfacing right underneath our bow!

Powerful exhalations pierced the still and calm conditions as we watched the youngest whale swim right up to us and “claim” us as his new friend. The other whales did not seem at all that impressed with the decision and tried to wiggle their way closest to us as the younger Humpback physically blocked them from approaching. It appeared that these males were venting some of that remaining energy and treating us just like a female Humpback, the competitive spirit still well and truly alive in these beautiful males. The first two Humpbacks we had originally met had now made their way over and all six Humpback Whales had us completely captivated for the next 90 minutes. Spy hopping so close we could look eye to eye with these incredible whales and it felt very much that they were enjoying looking back at us today! We could have stayed with them forever, but after two hours of the most incredible interaction we gently departed and wished them well. The special memories of todays Fremantle Whale Watch will stay with us forever.

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