Fremantle Whale Watching 2019

The Fremantle Whale Watching 2019 Season has been a fascinating journey as thousands of Humpback Whales journey back down the WA coastline and we have the privilege of meeting with them for a little while. The wafty, tall exhalation of an adult whale appeared on our port side as a mother and her calf surfaced close by. Curious towards us, they had a bit of a look before continuing on with their morning rest. It is vitally important that these mums and calves enjoy the rest that they need to make their southern migration a successful one. Our second mother and calf were cruising on through the area as the local Bottlenose Dolphins raced towards us for a quick hello before continuing on with their foraging. Mother and calf Humpback began to approach another pod just behind us when a large tail lob from the female told the approaching pod to divert away. They certainly did and we joined with the tail lob female and her calf as they moved towards us in a curious approach. 

Baby surfaced right in front of our bow and mum closely followed as they investigated our vessel. She began to gently arch her peduncle and seemed to wait for everyone to get their cameras ready as she begun the most beautiful and elegant tail dive, gracefully lifting up and stretching straight before slowly slipping below the surface. A perfect opportunity for a photo ID and to also witness the majestic tail dive of a Humpback Whale. Just up ahead a mother and calf had begun some surface activity and as we approached it was time to practice the Language of the Whales™ as tail lobs, fluke slapping and pec slapping were practiced. It was an amazing experience to watch a mother Humpback teach her calf the spectacular surface activity our Humpbacks use to communicate with each other. Fremantle Whale watching 2019 season has been a wonderful journey so far and we cannot wait to see how the next half of the season unfolds!

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