Fremantle Whale Watching

Fremantle Whale Watching during October is a perfect time to meet this seasons adorable Humpback Whale calves as today we met two beautiful little families. The sun was shining as we made our way towards the sighting grounds and a slither of jet black broke the waters surface. A mother and her calf were logging in the calm of the morning conditions as both enjoyed a snooze. It is always special to watch as a protective mother Humpback calmly floats or logs at the surface and replenishes her oxygen reserves as her calf mimicked mums behaviour. It was a slow and steady swim towards Rottnest Island and as the vessel traffic increased she used our sound footprint to keep herself and calf safe. Swimming close to us meant the other vessels moving along the channel went around this pod and ourselves creating a calm environment.

It was about to change though as a second mother and calf pod just ahead of us exploded into surface activity. Breaching, head lunging and peduncle slaps erupted as both mother and calf launched into a big display. It appeared they were on the move and once mother whale settled back down again her cheeky calf continued on with the activity. Peduncle slaps were the focus this morning as the little one launched over and over again, showing off his moves! Getting ready to depart the resting grounds it was great to see both mum and calf looking refreshed and ready to continue on with the next stage of their journey. Fremantle whale watching during October to December is the ideal time to meet Humpback Whale calves on their first southbound journey.

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