Fremantle Whale Watching in October

Fremantle Whale Watching in October is the perfect time to meet mother Humpback Whales and their beautiful calves as they relax, rest and play in the waters off Fremantle. Today our first interaction was with a young female Humpback who was relaxing a few meters below as her calf was showing feeding patterns on the surface. Disappearing for a little while and then returning to replenish oxygen as he swam around in a tight circle before returning back to mum. Very much enjoying his breakfast, no wonder mother and calf weren’t too interested in the commotion starting up behind us as they continued their peaceful morning rest. Gently leaving them, we began to approach two mother and calf pods just up ahead. The Language of the Whales™ was well underway as mum would pec slap and baby followed with breaching and head lunging. 

All of this surface activity was creating much noise and it wasn’t long before the second approaching mother and calf pod joined in with tail lobs and inverted fluke slapping of their own. Fremantle whale watching in October is a great opportunity to observe calves practicing behaviours and a fascinating display to witness as the female Humpbacks took the opportunity to teach their calves the correct way to communicate and approach other whales. The little ones were loving the interaction and showed off their very best breaching skills towards each other. Eventually, the white bellied calf and mum had worn themselves out and decided it was nap time as they disappeared underneath our bow and moved further away. The remaining calf practiced a few more breaches and eventually slowed his energy as well and the gentle pitter patter of misty rain escorted us back home to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

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