Fremantle Whale Watching Tours

Fremantle Whale Watch

Fremantle Whale Watching Tours departing during September are the perfect time to meet a wonderful mixture of different Humpback Whale age groups as they all join in on the southern migration. The morning was calm and perfect weather for spotting whales as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and made our way towards the sighting grounds. Our first interaction was with a most curious and gentle yearling Humpback Whale who swam straight towards us and at pace! The youngster was very interested in us and remained close with each resurfacing coming closer and closer. Eventually he surfaced right next to us and came in for a very close look, even as a yearling he was still very large. One little barnacle was hanging out on the tip of his dorsal fin as he approached incoming Bottlenose Dolphins showing some interest towards them. Our last pod was a mother and her calf calmly swimming towards Rottnest Island with both seeming to be relaxed and not in a big hurry as we joined with them for a little while.

Hillarys Whale Watch

The afternoon was just as lovely aboard the Whale Watch 1 as we departed the Hillarys Boat Harbour. Cruising out to the sighting grounds we had a few breaches on the horizon before meeting a beautiful mother whale and her new calf. Calmly swimming further into the resting grounds she was peaceful and seemed very happy to be here. A big swim for both of them to get to this point but now they can sleep, rest and the calf can feed for the next day or two.

The calf was curious and approached for a few closer looks before returning back to mum who was keeping a close ear on the other pods not too far away. A bachelor pod was quietly resting but needed to complete a quick tail lob as another pod began swimming towards the area. Humpback Whales will often use tail lobs as a defensive or dominant language to keep other pods from approaching too closely. A beautiful day for Fremantle whale watching tours and Hillarys whale watching tours to enjoy meeting a few of the magnificent Humpback Whales currently visiting our coastline.

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