Fremantle Whale

The search for the Fremantle Whale was on this morning and within moments of leaving the harbour the call went out! Normally we will search 30-40 mile on our journeys from Fremantle when looking for visiting Humpback Whales (thankfully we have the fastest whale watch vessel in WA!) and we were in for a big surprise this morning as a mother and her beautiful calf surfaced close by to the port of Fremantle. The morning was perfect with warm sunshine and calm seas as all eyes began to scan and we were all surprised when Craig made the call that whales had surfaced behind us, an early sighting already! Turning around and watching carefully for the next resurfacing we were all very excited when the slinky black shadow of a lone Humpback Whale began to appear through the emerald coloured water. The Fremantle Whale had arrived and she was enormous, a beautiful and calm adult female accompanied by her equally beautiful calf. 

Both seemed completely at ease in our company and fascinated by us, especially baby who spent extra time lingering on the surface to investigate us. The female would gently approach our bow and come within meters of us as she presented her calf to everyone onboard and showed off her accomplishment, we were all very proud! Her calf was feeding as we watched the recognisable surface swimming motion of a hungry calf and it wasn’t long before that feed of milk was starting to kick in. The young calf began to twist and roll as she practiced pec slapping, fluke slapping and peduncle rolls in very cute fashion that only a young and uncoordinated Humpback calf can perform! She was able to show off her belly which gave us the opportunity to confirm she was a female calf, how exciting and a special opportunity to be welcomed into this peaceful family pod.

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