Fremantle Whales in Paradise

The conditions today were so clear and calm we could easily see the grains of sand on the seabed floor! Truly incredible to have a sneak peek into the underwater world of our whales and dolphins as we cruised over reef, sand and sea☀ A mother Humpback and her calf were keeping a relaxed and covert profile in these crystal clear conditions while the local pod of mother and calf Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say hello and it was almost as if they were swimming through air, the conditions today were like crystal.

 During their time resting in these calm conditions both mother and calf will be taking the opportunity of regaining some rest before they continue south. The last two days of warm and calm weather would have been a perfect resting ground environment for this little family pod and today looked to be the day for them to hit the road again and continue their journey towards Antarctica.

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