Fremantle Wildlife Experiences

The very best Fremantle Wildlife Experiences can be found onboard Whale Watch Western Australia as we meet the exciting, wild whales of Western Australia! Today a mother Humpback Whale and her calf were being followed by two male Humpbacks, not what we usually expect to sight this late in the season but a perfect example of why interacting with wildlife is so exciting as every experience is a unique adventure. The males were chasing after the female and once we made a gently approach she quickly carried her calf towards us to try and distract the males. It worked as the two boys slowed down and decided that it was time to put their best moves forward before the female lost interest.

One of the males launched into an incredible breach and landed on his back as we watched on in amazement… now that was impressive! Following up with flirty pec slaps and even a gentle peduncle lob these males were trying their very best to impressive the lovely lady. Her calf seemed to be watching on in amusement and was hopefully learning a few things from these outgoing males and their clever tactics. The female was very patient with them and waited for a while until the males slowed down a bit and began to match her energy, before long she had regained control of the pod and both males were calmly swimming alongside mother and calf. A perfect example of how the females who are a little bit older and have the experience will take control of a situation and turn it into a benefit for them. This female now had two protective male escorts joining her southern migration, two bodyguards for herself and her calf! An incredible morning learning and enjoying observing the very best Fremantle Wildlife Experiences on another magnificent day in WA.

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