Fremantle’s Best Whale Watching

Fremantle’s Best Whale Watching was enjoyed today with some spectacular Language of the Whales for all of our Pod Members onboard to see. It was picture perfect sea conditions for whale watching as we departed Fremantle and moved out into the sighting grounds as we could see four pods, two of which were starting to converge. Humpback Whales communicate to each other just as we do but of course in their own unique language. One of the means of communication for our Humpbacks is launching themselves above the ocean and enabling their immense weight to come crashing back down which leaves behind one might splash and noise! It is important to interpret the Language of the Whales at the time that it is happening to better understand the meaning behind the surface activity you are observing.

Today it was dominant language as one of the males amongst the two pods converging wanted to establish himself as the dominant individual. Enormous head lunges unfolded as he pushed upwards with momentum before falling flat onto his belly and sending white water flying. It is always a spectacular behaviour to observe especially as they get this beautifully long pectoral fins high above the surface for balance and stability as 40+ tonnes is momentarily suspended above the ocean. It certainly did the job as this male maintained his dominance as the two pods joined and were a bit competitive, but those impressive head lunges seemed to be on the mind of the other males. A wonderful day enjoying some of Fremantle’s best whale watching and seeing the powerful language that makes our Humpback Whales one of the most loved whales to meet in the wild.

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