Future Whale Guardians

A true pleasure to welcome onboard our future whale guardians and enjoy their enthusiasm and excitement for their backyard in Bremer Bay as Gairdner Primary School and Bremer Bay Primary School Joined The Pod. Beautiful weather accompanied us on our journey as we watched cheeky Australian Sea Lion pups ask their mums for milk and a relaxed NZ Fur Seal disappear for a morning dip in the Southern Ocean making it look like a very graceful landing from Glasse Island! The local Bottlenose Dolphins joined us in the afternoon as juvenile Pacific Gulls and Crested Terns soared above. A truly magnificent part of the world and it inspires us to see the passion every one of our future whale guardians has towards their backyard and capacity to appreciate the company of their local wildlife. Thank you so much for joining us Gairdner and Bremer Bay Primary, it was an absolute pleasure to have you all onboard and we cannot wait to see you all again next year for further adventures and fun, you have the music in you and it is inspiring!