Go Whale Watching in Fremantle

Go whale watching in Fremantle with Whale Watch Western Australia during October to see the peak of the southbound Humpback Whale migration as hundreds of mother and calf pods enjoy  the resting grounds. It was forecast to be a beautiful day ahead with light winds and a calm sea as a gentle cloud cover settled in for our morning departure. Pods were numerous but nervous with vessels moving at high speeds and erratically through areas the mother and calf pods were trying to rest. It was easy to see the energy amongst the pods was not relaxed so we moved further out to join with other pods that had not been disturbed and soon came across a pod of two very social mums and calves.

The little ones were socialising with tail lobbing, tail slapping and a big breach from the young male calf. It was wonderful to see these whales relaxed as they should be in the resting grounds and enjoying each others company, a perfect way to enjoy our morning tour. The afternoon had the sun chase away the clouds as we observed a fantastic mix of activity with one mum and calf pod looking for the perfect place to rest, the second pod migrating and third pod was fast asleep in a behaviour known as logging which means sleeping at the surface. A short time later the many other pods began to communicate with breaching, pec slapping and tail lobbing as we approached two pods that had just joined.

A third mother and calf attempted to join but were politely ignored as she decided to move a short 100 meters away instead and much to our amusement began to log at the surface as both herself and calf settled in for a snooze. The two mother whales resumed socialising and it was an incredible interaction as the two females seemed very familiar with each other and we wondered if they were perhaps a mother and elder daughter. It was beautiful to watch how comfortable they were in each others company as they began to pec slap together in unison and had such unique rhythm and symmetry it was very moving to observe the intimate interaction amongst them both and their calves. A perfect day to go whale watching in Fremantle as we enjoyed the company of our wonderful whales and Pod Members onboard.

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