Great Southern Killer Whales

Great Southern Killer Whales erupted in enormous breaching just ahead of us upon our arrival in The Patch as we watched on through the morning as their evading prey outmanoeuvred the Orca today. It was an exhilarating way to start the morning as plumes of white water exploded as multiple Orca pushed quickly to the west and we watched as some individuals ahead of us launched into breaching while others could be observed keeping a low profile and quietly surfacing to our opposite side. It was clear that they were focused and all working hard as pod members of Queen, Kidji and Alki worked The Patch together in attempt to prevent the prey they were chasing from evading them. The stalking continued for the next hour as the Orca manoeuvred carefully and specifically with adults through to calves all having a purpose but as hard as the Orca tried it appeared their prey (most likely a Beaked Whale) was successful in escaping today. The day ahead was now up to the matriarchs to decide the next step as they regrouped the family pods and began a gentle surge to the west.

Surfing the swell and showing off their skills the Orca had a wonderful time on the long swim to the west. A great opportunity to unwind and relax after a very busy start to the morning as they enjoyed a bit of bow and wake riding together. Eventually the matriarchs regrouped again and began to make the slower journey back up towards The Patch. Always great to see their lovely faces as the Great Southern Killer Whales launch gracefully through the Southern Ocean displaying their power and strength to move through the swell with ease. The family pods spread out and ensured that even during their travels all eyes were still on the lookout for that elusive prey that escaped earlier on in the day as they covered ground. A short time later we found ourselves back in the heart of the hunting grounds as the families settled in for the afternoon ahead. Wishing them well we hoped they would have some success later today, they have been feeding very well over the last week but another good feed will still be enjoyed by the family pods.

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