Great Southern Orca

Great Southern Orca of Bremer Bay were ready and waiting for our arrival this morning as just moments after passing over the continental shelf we were greeted by Cheryl and her family pod. It was wonderful to be back out with the Orca after the last week of windy weather and they seemed happy to see us too. B-Slice, Eddie and Fanscar approached us and spent the next part of their morning hanging out around the bow. B-Slice has gotten so very big and is growing into a very handsome male with a cheeky nature to boot! The family did eventually regroup after much playtime around us and Giovanni and his side of the family came over to say good morning. 

Once everyone had regrouped it was now time to go back into foraging mode as they family pod continued to focus in on the area. It is a great time of the year to see the Orca in February as multiple family pods can often be sighted each day. Today we also had a quick visit from Chalky and Hookfin who were swimming with Moni and Millie, perhaps trying to get the attention of mother Orca Moni who didn’t seem to mind the boys company. Kidji, Blade and their family also arrived in the afternoon to spend some time with us and it was great to see all of the families doing so well. Great Southern Orca of Western Australia are stunningly beautiful in their wild home and we had the privilege of spending some special time with them today.

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