Guardians of our Coastline

The Guardians of our coastline was on display today as not only our Military set about exercises and drills, so did our Mother Humpbacks as they guarded their calves and our SAS guarded our coastline. The parallel was not missed by Whale Watch WA today as we watched our elite Soldiers venture out to spend time drilling and practising techniques to keep us safe and to prevent predation from taking advantage in uncertain times.

So too was our Humpback Mother training and drilling her calf how to operate along our coastline and the techniques of the Language of the Whales™ that will keep her calf safe from predation along our coastline. Three mothers and calves had gathered and one of the calves in particular decided to kickstart the conversation by launching into an enormous breach! The surface activity continued as for the next hour our calves communicated with breaching, head lunging, pec slapping, tail lobbing and fluke slapping all while mother Humpbacks watched protectively over their little ones. The younger female even decided to bring her calf over to curiously approach us and gently guided her calf around our boat for a closer look and what a beautiful pod they were.

The sight of our Military fills us with pride to know that night and day, they are there, watching and monitoring as we have the privilege to go about our days and enjoy the freedoms they provide.

An exceptional day as we watched the Watchers both human and Cetacean.

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