Hang Time with our Humpback Mates

Hang time with our Humpback mates today as we enjoyed spectacular breaching from a very flirty Humpback, curious Bottlenose Dolphins and our third Humpback calf sighted for Season 2022. It was a beautiful morning as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and as we moved into the bay a gentle exhale to our starboard side caught our interest and slowing down we noticed a much smaller exhale, before we could call out a very tiny Humpback calf lifted his fluke as high as he could in a baby tail slap. Adorable to see this little one already mimicking what he has learnt from mum and the adult whales around. It was our third Humpback calf for the season so far and mother whale was travelling with a male escort which was good to see and also explained the confident language from the newborn calf. Wishing them well we moved out to join another pod and came across a high energy individual who was racing through the bay in search mode.

He eventually came across the local Bottlenose Dolphins who we noticed also had a new calf travelling with the family. Swimming with him through the bay he eventually came within range of another two Humpback Whales and the energy shifted again. One of the whales launched into an enormous full body breach just off our bow and then again, communicating to the other individuals within range. The pod just ahead of us responded and it was exciting to see the breaching and pec slapping continue effortlessly. Hang time with our Humpback mates was incredible today as the breaching and pec slapping echoed out around us repeatedly. This whale was extremely flirty, approaching within only meters of the Whale Watch 1 and it was extraordinary to be so close to this incredible display and communication. It is always a privilege to be welcomed into a pod and gain the trust of these intelligent and gentle Humpbacks.

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