Happy Fathers Day

What a beautiful day in Geographe Bay to celebrate Fathers Day! Blue skies, sunshine and perfect spring conditions, it was absolutely perfect. We hope all the Fathers around Australia are enjoying time with their families and celebrating the wonderful job they do for the next generation. Two big Humpback whales were enjoying the calm conditions and slowly making their way south after enjoying some rest time here in Geographe Bay and recouping their energy stores.

They will have a big journey to make back to their feeding grounds in Antarctica and after not feeding for 4-6 months and almost completing their 13,000 kilometre round trip they will be awfully hungry by now. These beautiful conditions will help them complete their journey south and both will help protect each other from any possible predatory threats along the way but we are confident these two beauties will be filling their bellies with Antarctic shrimp very soon!

ID Log
Date – 4.9.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 33 . 32. 01 Long – 115 . 07 . 28
Nickname – Daddy
Notes – Breathe holder pod, slowly moving south