Happy WA Day!

WA Day takes place on the very first Monday of June each year and is a wonderful time to celebrate our magnificent state and what a special place it is in this very big world. We hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend with family, friends, good food and good times!

Many of the Humpback whales sighted today seemed to be enjoying their long weekend too with a lot of “logging” amongst the pods. Our Humpbacks have already travelled 2,000 kilometres or more to arrive in Flinders Bay from the cold waters of Antartica so it is easy to understand why many are taking some time to rest before continuing their journey north once again.

Lovely to see some very large and healthy Humpbacks today with plenty of birdlife around at the moment as Gannets, Albatross, Storm Petrels and Crested Terns enjoy hunting small bait fish and other scraps found on the waters of Flinders Bay and with some weather expected tomorrow fishing conditions may be slightly difficult so best to eat up now!