Heat Haze Humpbacks

Heat Haze Humpbacks on a beautifully warm day as mother whales and their calves moved through the resting grounds seeking an oasis to rest in. The calm conditions created a serene scene as the heat haze began to form and even Rottnest Island morphed into a strange, cloud like formation on the horizon. The Humpback Whales would surface and their jet black bodies tanned by the sun during their time in the north would stand out amongst the turquoise Indian Ocean. Our first mother and calf appeared to have recently completed a feeding session as baby happily swam alongside mum as they travelled through the resting grounds and towards further pods just ahead. 

Heat is a very important part of the Humpback Whales migration and they will seek the warmth of the north during winter months, but as temperatures rise and we march towards summer their needs change. The heat in the Kimberly region is now soaring every day and with the new consistent heat it is time for our whales to reach cooler waters and ensure that overheating doesn’t become a problem. Blubber is fantastic for retaining heat, but not the best for expelling excess heat and regulating a good core temperature can be a challenge for our migrating whales. The mother Humpbacks had control of the heat today and would keep a close eye on their calves as they played with seaweed and took curious glances towards us. One mother whale launched into an enormous breach as a small dinghy moved past before swimming over towards our vessel for a closer look. She had now settled after the excitement and was beginning to make her way towards the other heat haze Humpbacks that were dotted all around us on this peaceful morning.

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