Hello from The Humpback Highway

Hello from the Humpback highway as we were welcomed into the sighting grounds this morning by a beautiful mother, calf and male escort pod. Calm weather and eager Pod Members aboard we were delighted to see this young Humpback calf take as much interest in us as we did in him. Spy hopping and rolling around on the surface, getting closer and closer with every surfacing. 

Watching this calf at play we noticed him head straight for a big pile of seagrass floating on the surface. Taking a big breath he dove down and everything went quiet as we scanned the surface carefully for where he might pop up next. A very excited exhale could be heard as he surfaced right on our stern with seagrass and seaweed all over his rostrum. He was such a character and it was fantastic getting to know this little ones cheeky personality. His mum was also a character as she stretched out in the glassy morning conditions and pec slapped away as her protective male escort kept close to them both. Just before we let this little family pod continue with their morning the calf swam across our bow, mouth wide open displaying perfectly his baleen smile!

During our time with this pod there were multiple other pods around us also pec slapping, tail lobbing and some enjoying a morning snooze. It was a gorgeous day out on the Indian Ocean and as we approached another pod we noticed they were also enjoying some pec slapping in the sunshine. Just off Cottesloe beach this mother and calf were happy and relaxed. Approaching our vessel they both seemed very interested so we waited quietly for their next resurfacing. A full body breaching Humpback calf came flying towards us leaving a huge splash, our guests gasped with joy and cheered him on. He definitely heard us as he went again and again, landing with a bigger splash each time as his fluke left the ocean and he landed completely on his back. We loved the energy this young Humpback was showing, we couldn’t help but think he was saying hello from the Humpback highway and there was no place we would rather have been.

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