Hello Perth Whale Watch

Hello Perth Whale Watch it was today as the Humpback Whales gathered in the sighting grounds with a beautiful female pec slapping to gain attention while a mother, calf and escort cruised past. It was a lovely morning as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and made our way into the sighting grounds scanning carefully for the distinctive movement of whales. It didn’t take long before a few powerful tail lobs just ahead indicated that we had a pod on the move and as we approached it was exciting to see our second calf for the southbound migration. Mum, calf and a male escort were calmly moving into a nice area to rest as they looked to be new arrivals. Swimming alongside us they were relaxed but we noticed after a while a quick change of direction and as we looked to our starboard side we could see why they had changed course. 

A large adult female Humpback Whale was directly ahead of us and she began to repeatedly pec slap. A wonderful Language of the Whales to observe and it is often used to attract the attention of other whales in the vicinity and get them to approach. A lone female at this time of the year will be looking for a male escort to join with her and travel together southbound to Antarctica. Today though we only had juveniles ahead of us and in typical shy juvenile style they launched into defensive head lunging in response to the pec slapping. It didn’t deter the female though and she calmly continued her pec slapping as she called out to all those who might be listening in search of a perfect mate. The southern migration is well underway so it shouldn’t take too long before a suitable Humpback male swims into the area and then all that effort of pec slapping will be worthwhile. One of our favourite parts of the Humpback language to observe and we often find ourselves and Pod Members onboard waving back to these beautiful, friendly whales.

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