Henry Canyon Bremer Bay

Magnificent Maleko greeted us today as we journeyed into the Henry Canyon and Maleko burst from the Southern Ocean as he surged west and traveled for over five nautical mile at 20km per hour! The power of Maleko could be felt as he continued to porpoise alongside our vessel and charged with much focus towards Henry Canyon. The rest of his pod were left further behind as he showed us the way and we watched on in amazement at his power and the ease in which he was moving. Due to the large storm front that has moved through the region the increase in swell size will create an environment close to the canyon wall that would have made prey such as the Giant Squid seeking shelter in deeper water. Today the storm had certainly passed but the Orca were needing to work hard and further away from the Patch as they searched the head of Henry Canyon. Working in this way they look to drive prey into shallower water (600-1,000 meters) which enables them to hunt with more efficiency. Arriving in Henry Canyon it wasn’t long before we had joined with the rest of the family pod and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with the Orca out in Henry Canyon. Fantastic to see Andrew Forrest’s research vessel Pangaea Ocean Explorer today in the Canyon with our beautiful Western Australian Orca’s.

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