Hillarys Best Whale Watching

Fremantle Whale Watch

Hillarys Best Whale Watching as mothers and calves launched spectacularly in the afternoon sunshine while our morning was spent with beautiful whales stretched out in the calm morning conditions. A fantastic day for whale watching as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on a calm and very warm morning as the easterly breeze created some lovely offshore conditions. Multiple mother and calf pods had gathered in the resting grounds and were enjoying their time as one curious pod began to swim alongside us as we got to know mother and calf.

Initially the mother and calf were interested in a second pod only eighty meters ahead of them but that particular pod were wanting to rest so increased their reactionary distance. The mother whale from the original pod decided she would hang out with us instead then and calmly swam with us as her curious calf coming over for a closer look. A further pod was becoming surface active as a mother male began to repeatedly pec slap as her calf joined in with some fluke slapping. A perfect way to complete a most lovely morning with these special Humpback Whales as we wished them well for their day ahead.

Hillarys Whale Watch

Our afternoon began similar to this morning with warm and calm conditions as we made our way from the Hillarys Boat Harbour and joined with two pods still settled in migration mode as they were new arrivals to the sighting grounds. The winds gently moved to the south as a refreshing breeze began to move through and we could feel the energy starting to lift amongst all the pods. The breaching began as all around us the calves and their mums began to pec slap, head lunge, tail lob and breach spectacularly in the afternoon sunshine.

It was magnificent to observe as we tallied 20-30 Humpback Whales within a one kilometres radius all communicating the Language of the Whales to each other with much joy and enthusiasm. The calves were gorgeous as we could see them practicing all that they had learnt from their mums and were showing off some very good form in all of their arial acrobatics. The mother whales certainly stole the show as their immense size created enormous amounts of white water as they cam crashing down. A. Brilliant afternoon to observe some of Hillarys best whale watching that we have enjoyed so far for Season 2022.

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