Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching

Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching onboard Whale Watch 1 on a beautiful Sunday morning as our Fremantle departure onboard Steep Point joined together for a wonderful day with the whales. The breeze evaporated as the morning sunshine and glassy conditions created the perfect environment for whale watching as all eyes scanned for the movement of Humpback Whales. Shortly after arriving in the sighting grounds mother and calf pods began to surface all around with a total of seven little families moving through the resting grounds. The first pod encountered was a very young mum who was only small herself and swimming alongside her was a gorgeous calf, possibly her first. Grace could observe that this calf was approximately half the length of mum already and healthy which is a great sign during this stage of the journey.

Whale Watch 1 joined with this lovely pod as we cruised with the Steep Point towards a gathering of four cow/calf pods. Approaching the area we could see one calf rolling around and enjoying some playtime with the seaweed as a second pod swam directly towards us. The mothers were enjoying the beautiful day as much as we were and while they relaxed the calves took some time to curiously investigate their surroundings. The resting grounds are a perfect location for these visiting Humpback Whale families who are safe in the protected waters from their top predator, the Orca. A joy to spend time with these beautiful whales on such a magnificent  day onboard the Steep Point and Whale Watch 1 Learning The Language of the Whales™️.

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