Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching

Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching was the final destination today as the resting grounds of the Humpback Whales southern migration begins to thin out for the 2022 season. Travelling north we met the southbound pods breaching, head lunging, pec slapping and putting on a huge show for all of our Pod Members.

As the winds increased so did the volume of the Language of the Whales as six different pods exchanged conversation via their surface action, to the delight of all onboard. There was a huge shout as a pair of adults breached and head lunged towards our vessel from a couple of hundred meters ahead causing the mother and calf we were observing to move extremely close to our vessel as they sat under the bow for a couple of minutes, hiding in our sound footprint.

The mother and new 2022 calf looked very healthy and departed our proximity once the other adults settled into a swim toward Rottnest Island. We departed the area and were fortunate enough to witness another mother and calf tail lobbing as we headed back toward Fremantle Boat Harbour.

We continue to see smaller bands of whales still on the migration south but appear to be heading offshore from the Perth region indicating feeding this season for the Humpbacks will be in the Antarctic western grounds.

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