Hillarys Humpbacks


Hillarys Humpbacks were frolicking in the waters off Perth today as sunshine, a beautiful warm breeze and playful Humpback calves indicated summer is just around the corner. Our morning departure from Fremantle aboard the Steep Point soaked up the brilliant morning as a congregation of two pods were socialising together in the resting grounds. A female, her calf and male escort had joined with a female and calf creating a pod of five excited and social whales. The calf who was travelling with the male escort seemed to have been watching him as this little one loved to practice the tail lob or peduncle slap as it is known over and over again. The second calf seemed a little bit younger and more reserved but was enjoyed tagging along for the interaction. A busy morning with many pods moving through the area and taking time to rest, socialise and communicate in the beautiful conditions enjoyed by all today.

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Hillarys Humpbacks were waiting for us as we departed the Hillarys Boat Harbour aboard Whale Watch 1 as the light afternoon breeze guided us to the sighting grounds. Surface activity just ahead indicated multiple pods were communicating amongst each other as one mother whale launched into spectacular breaching. It was fantastic to see so many pods gathering as mothers allowed their calves some time to rest before breaching and peduncle slapping began once again. The female we had joined with took a quick nap and as she rested peacefully at the surface we could hear every little splash as the water settled around her large frame. During this time her calf enjoyed a feed of milk and decided it was time to practice some more peduncle slaps and being water level to such a spectacular behaviour is incredible.

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