Hillarys Whale School

School was in just off the coast near Hillarys Boat Harbour as two mother and calf pods played and practiced the Language of the Whales™ together this morning. One of the mums we believed may have been entangled at some point in her life due to the scar along her peduncle but today she showed everyone it wasn’t holding her back as she started off the lesson with peduncle slaps, inverted tail slapping and a few pec slaps. The two calves quickly followed with mimicking these behaviours and they certainly did the right moves… just a little bit less graceful than mum!

We were enjoying the special interaction between these two mums and calves as after they finished their lessons both mums brought their calves over to say hello before moving together as a big family pod to find a comfortable place to spend some rest time. Perhaps because we don’t have many male Humpbacks around at the moment one of the more curious females are seeking out some protection and company with the other mums. A third mother and calf pod were also quietly resting near the sound footprints of the waiting ships as they did their best to not allow the more interactive pods notice them.

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